Volkswagen Sign then Drive Event

Volkswagen “Sign Then Drive” Event is designed to make a new lease as easy as possible for you. This means minimizing your up-front costs while still offering affordable monthly payments. Learn more about Volkswagen “Sign Then Drive” at Hanover Volkswagen. We’ll help you determine if the program is right for you.




Volkswagen “Sign Then Drive” leases are offered each year beginning in November and ending after the New Year. Whether you’re looking for a VW Jetta or a spacious Tiguan, a “Sign Then Drive” lease is an excellent opportunity to bring home the new vehicle you most desire for a monthly payment that falls well within your budget. In most financing arrangements, you’ll need to put thousands of dollars down in order to drive away in a new car. With a “Sign Then Drive” lease, you’ll bundle the full cost of the leasing agreement into your monthly payments. As with any other program, you’ll still pay taxes and associated fees at the dealership where you sign the paperwork. However, choosing to benefit from this program is the best way to avoid the large down payments that many drivers associate with new vehicles.


Here at Hanover Volkswagen, we think everyone deserves to feel comfortable in the vehicle they drive. If you’re ready to upgrade with a new vehicle, but a large down payment simply isn’t an option, Volkswagen “Sign Then Drive” is a quick way to improve your daily drives around Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills. However, not everyone will necessarily be approved for the program. Since Volkswagen “Sign Then Drive” is a zero-down lease agreement, the lessor needs to know that you can handle your monthly payments. For this reason, they’re likely to run a credit check, and of course, higher credit will translate directly to better outcomes. If your credit does not qualify you for a “Sign Then Drive” lease, you’ll need to work with your trusted Volkswagen finance team in order to arrive at a different solution.


Although a “Sign then Drive” lease might already sound like a great option, it’s important to remember that no program is going to be a perfect fit for every driver. Here are a few of the factors that drivers consider when deciding between buying vs. leasing:

  • Determine your budget and find out how much you can afford to pay. If the lease payments are too expensive, an affordable pre-owned Volkswagen might be a better option.
  • Consider your commute. If you have to drive long distances, you might run into trouble with a leasing contract.
  • Some drivers like to customize or modify the vehicles they drive. If you fall within this category, financing your Volkswagen is a better option than leasing it.


If you have additional questions about Volkswagen “Sign Then Drive”, or want to learn more about your financing options, you can always reach out to the team at Hanover Volkswagen. Curious drivers should also check out our rotating Volkswagen lease specials today! If you see a vehicle you like, just contact us to set up a test drive.